Tour Championship: The Format

            With the Tour Championship coming up later this week, I feel that I, along with everyone else in the world, need to discuss my thoughts and opinions on the matter. 

            First off, I truly thought the previous format of the FedEx cup was perfectly fine. I do understand the complaints of having two champions crowned on the 18th green on Sunday, and the confusion it might create for the average golf fan, but I feel we’re trying too hard at this point to make something better, that doesn’t really need a changing. I believe that sometimes we focus so hard on making things better that we forget things work just fine the way they are. A wheel is still a wheel after all these years.

            The Tour Championship is a tournament. The FedEx Cup is a season long race. If you win the FedEx Cup you won the season long race. If you win the Tour Championship, then you won the 72-hole golf tournament. I do not feel that is a hard concept to understand. Winning 1 singular tournament throughout the “season long race” should not crown you as a The FedEx Cup champion. If that were the case, then it should be called “The FedEx Cup Tour Championship” and the top 30 in points should start back from scratch and play for the absurd purse. With the person who was leading the FedEx Cup standings at the end of the first two playoff events, or regular PGA Tour season, being crowned the season long points champion.

            Starting the leader of the FedEx Cup standings at -10 is just absurd in my mind. It’s like playing in your club championship and starting the +2.5 handicap at -4 because he “should” win, because he has the lowest handicap. That’s not how it works though. That’s not how golf works. This past year in the NCAA Championships, should Oklahoma State have started the match play rounds 2 up in each match because they absolutely smoked everyone in stroke play? No, that’s not how it works. I get it, they want the guy leading in points to win the actual 72-hole Tour Championship, so they want to make that happen. It’s just not golf though. 

            I don’t think this format will last long, or if it is going to give the drama they hope for. I honestly would rather see, like I said above, have the top 30 in points qualify for the final event, “FedEx Tour Championship”, and then play out for the absurd purse. The points are just flawed in my opinion. Both the Master’s Champion and the Open champion are not in attendance this week. I get it, they might not have played well throughout the whole year, but winning a major has got to be of more importance. All 11 of the guys in the field who didn’t win a tournament this year, and those who did for that matter, would probably trade their seasons for a major.

            There are so many great alternatives out there that I believe would be better fit to crown a Tour Champion, and a FedEx Cup champion. I am very intrigued to see how this format will work out and to hear the opinions of our players.  


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