The Players . . . A Major?

The new drama heading into The Players Championship is not about one of the new rule’s changes, but whether The Players should be considered a major championship or not. The Players is renowned as the best field in golf from year to year, but is that enough to be considered a major?

The real drama, in my opinion, is coming straight from the media. It seems that golf writers and media members don’t like the idea of the pros calling The Players a major, and are upset… like a lot. Every time I have scrolled through Twitter in the past couple of days, it seems that some odd media member was outraged by a Tour pro referring to it as a major. Most media members seem to be pointing fingers at the Tour in this situation saying they are the underlying issue “pushing the agenda” of it being added as a major?

What’s the big deal if so? It has the best field of the year, one of the largest purses, and one of the most recognizable holes on Tour (17th green), so it has all the prestige of it being a major.  Let the Tour pros call it what they want, as if they have been invited to play in The Players, then they have earned the right to do so. The game is changing, and it’s so different than it was 40 years ago when Jack was playing, for all the PGA diehards out there.

One day, things on the Tour are going to change, but if the pros want to refer to The Players as a “5thmajor”, then who cares? Let them. I mean, let’s be honest here, it’s probably never going to be added as a 5thmajor to the PGA Tour Schedule, but if the pros want to refer to it as another major, then why be so bothered by it? They’re the ones playing the tournament, and yet the media members seem to be the ones most upset about it hypothetically being called a major. 

I don’t see why this has to be dramatic with the media. In all reality, it’s probably never going to be a major, so what’s the big deal in letting the pros call it a major if they want?


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