Hot Takes and Predictions For 2019 PGA Tour Season

With the 2019 PGA Tour season already far underway, I wanted to make my hot takes and predictions for the season. There have already been some moments that stand out to a golf fan about what might be coming the rest of the way. 


My hot take for the 2019 season is that before the seasons end, Bryson DeChambeau will be ranked #1 in the world. If the World Golf Rankings were not cumulative, and just went by single season, then according to last year Bryson DeChambeau would have started the season ranked #1. In his last 9 starts, he has won 4 times and has not finished out of the top-20 in any of those starts. 

Bryson’s methods may be a little different, but he is proving that there is not a “wax on, wax off” way to do things. Through all the speculation, Bryson has emerged as one of the best players on tour and is consistently at the top leaderboards. Currently ranked #5 in the world, I am predicting a great season out of Bryson, where he will capture his first major. If Bryson can improve his overall putting and short game, then I see him moving up and solidifying himself as the #1 player on tour. 


Tiger Woods

Everyone has their own thoughts and predictions for how the rest of Tiger’s career will play out. After the resurgence of last year, I do believe that Tiger will continue to win on the tour. Tiger has a special ability that few have, and although his body has broken down from time to time, I do believe that he still has a long career ahead of him.

As far as my 2019 predictions for Tiger, I do believe he will get that elusive 15th major and win 2 other events. Tiger showed last year that he still can compete in majors and play with the best. Tiger wasn’t supposed to win last year, and I think he surprised us all with the level at which he could compete. If Tiger can create more consistency with his driver and putter, then I believe he has a chance to do even more than my predictions. 

Justin Rose Keeps Winning

In my 2019 prediction I see Justin Rose to keep winning. Justin shocked the world when he made his recent switch from the tour staple Taylormade to the lesser-known Honma. Most professionals go through a sort of slump after switching club manufacturers, but Justin waster no time in picking up his first win with the new equipment at Torrey Pines in the Farmers Insurance Open. 

We all know Justin has one of the most beautiful swings on tour, but after he made the switch to the claw grip a few years back for putting, he has greatly improved his consistency and turned himself into one of the most complete players on tour. I do see another major championship on the radar for Justin this year, and multiple wins to go along with that for him. He is a more than capable player and I think we after really getting the prime of Justin Rose at this moment in time.

-20+ winning golf tournaments

So far this season of the 13 tournaments played, 10 of them have been -20 or better, and I think we are going to continue to see more of this. We all know the arguments that the golf courses being played aren’t “difficult” enough or that the equipment is “too advanced” for the golf courses being played. The argument points are valid, but I have a different take on the situation…

It’s not that the golf courses aren’t hard enough for today’s player, but that today’s player is just that good. 

The equipment doesn’t put the golf ball in the hole, but it does help. Players now are afforded the luxuries of Trackman, state of the art work out regiments, private jets to tournaments, personal coach’s, and of course the best equipment the game has ever seen. With all those amenities, golfers are able to create so much more consistency than ever before. They have their swings, strokes, bodies, diets, and travel all down to a science, to tailor their game perfectly week in and week out. 

With the current level of play on the PGA Tour I believe we will continue to see -20 or better win golf tournaments. -20 used to be a magic to win, but now seems to more obtainable than ever. It’ll be interesting to see if there is a new wave of golf architecture that guards for the longer hitter, but it won’t be long before that style is out again. Golfer’s are going to continue to hit it longer and score better as time presses forward, and along with that, we are going to see tournaments won more and more with -20 or better. 


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