It’s More Than A Win For Adam Long

Adam Long has officially submitted himself as a winner on the PGA Tour with his final hole birdie to edge out Phil Mickelson and Adam Hadwin. The 2010 graduate of Duke University has been playing professionally since 2010, and has been a graduate of the and Mackenzie – Canada Tours.

Watching the coverage down the stretch, they showed a stat of Long’s previous 5 Tour starts, where he had combined for +20 over par. This week, Adam Long won the Desert Classic with a score of -26 under par. As a matter of fact, Long had missed his last 3 cuts on the Tour, before breaking through with this win. 

This is a great example of the struggle and perseverance it takes to win on the PGA Tour. Not only that, but just how good these guys are from top to bottom. You see it more on the Tour than the PGA Tour, where a guy will seemingly miss cut after cut, but then break through the next week for their first win. The PGA Tour continually runs the ad that, “These guys are good”, and it is so true. Some of these guys may be struggling, or missing cuts, but more often than not they are lightyears ahead of you average country club +1 handicappers.

To win on the PGA Tour, or any tour for that matter, is nothing short of spectacular. Player’s in today’s game are better than ever and the magic number of “-20” to win tournaments seems more accessible for players than ever before. It may not be that our courses are too easy, but that the players are just that good. It takes a special week to win on the PGA Tour and it just goes to show how good the guys that are able to win consistently are. 

 There can’t be a much better feeling for Adam Long than being able to get his first win, especially after the struggles he has endured so far in his PGA Tour season with missed cuts and inconsistent play. Results like that can affect you so much mentally, but one of the best parts of his first win, is that it cements in his mind that he is good enough to play with the best on the PGA Tour. That when Adam Long is playing at his best, he can not only compete, but he can win. That is so important mentally for a young player, who is struggling, to realize he belongs on the Tour, with the best in the world.

For someone who was probably fighting to keep their card alive for next year, this win for Long will change his life drastically. Hopefully, Long will able to step back, relax, enjoy his first win, and find a comfort zone out there on Tour. This win will help cement himself as one of the next great young players on the Tour.  

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