Bryson DeChambeau: Finding What Makes You Successful

What if I told you, in order to play your best golf, you needed to play with one length clubs, think methodically over each shot, and attempt to calculate every risk involved mathematically before you step into a shot?  Most of you would call me crazy, right? You would say things like, "just hit the [...]

Golf Review: Meadow Club – Fairfax, CA

The Meadow Club holds a certain historic significance in the game of golf, as it is the site of the first Dr. AlisterMacKenzie design on North American soil. After the Meadow Club design, the likes of Augusta National, Cypress Point Club, Crystal Downs, and Pasatiempo among many others, arose as some of the most spectacular golf courses in the United [...]

Golf Review: California Golf Club of San Francisco – San Francisco, CA

We have all been somewhere in our lifetimes that has completely blew away our expectations. The Niagara Falls were so much bigger than I ever expected, when I visited as a child. The Grand Canyon absolutely blew my mind and how it seemed to stretch for miles and miles, upon no end. New York City still blows me away every time I [...]

Golf Review: The Olympic Club – Lake – San Francisco, CA

The Olympic Club has been one of the most mixed review golf courses I have ever played. Olympic Club has been a staple inside the Top 100 golf courses for its lifespan, and is most definitely one of the most historic championship venues in the land. All that being said, it is seemingly hit or miss with [...]

Golf Review: San Francisco Golf Club – San Francisco, CA

In today’s day in age, you know you are in for something special when you go to a club where there are no cellphones allowed. And in 2019, SFGC is still an old-fashioned club right down to its bones. Walk into the lockeroom to see the lockers that have been there since the club’s inception, the cleat [...]