Golf Review: Olympic Club – Ocean Course – San Francisco, CA

            It’s always amazing to me, when traveling to some of the most renowned golf courses in the America, and you get there to only to find out that they have a brother/sister course next door that you didn’t even know existed. This happened to me at Oakland Hills Country Club in Michigan, where I didn’t [...]

Golf Review: Pebble Beach Golf Links – Pebble Beach, CA

            The Monterey Peninsula is home to some of the best golf in the entire world, with Pebble Beach sitting right at its epicenter. It is arguably the worlds’ most famous golf course, and one that people from all over the globe travel to not only play, but to enjoy the scenery and views at the [...]

Golf Review: Pasatiempo Golf Course – Santa Cruz, CA

            The more I play Alister MacKenzie golf courses, the more I become a fan of his work, and Pasatiempo was no different in that matter. Through the years, I have only heard great things about Pasatiempo and the fascination that surrounds it. Weaving through the hills of Santa Cruz, the simplicity of this layout is [...]


            The USGA announced results of an ongoing study related to the increasing distance of golf balls, and that the “continuing increases in golf ball distance, and that the lengthening of golf courses is undesirable and detrimental to golf’s long-term future.” The USGA will now consider approving a “local-rule”, where it can be specified that only [...]

Golf Review: Cypress Point Club – Pebble Beach, CA

If you have made the journey to Pebble Beach, then you have surely made the car ride down the historic 17-mile drive. You peer over to your left and you’re surrounded by some of the best golf the world has to offer.  A quick glance back to your right, and you’re surrounded by some of the [...]

Bryson DeChambeau: Finding What Makes You Successful

What if I told you, in order to play your best golf, you needed to play with one length clubs, think methodically over each shot, and attempt to calculate every risk involved mathematically before you step into a shot?  Most of you would call me crazy, right? You would say things like, "just hit the [...]